What is Millennial Network Group?


Millennial Network Group is a referral membership organization of young professionals who are determined to destroy the stigma that Millennials are entitled, spoiled, and lazy. We take offence to that label and seek to redefine our reputation. We focus on helping each other grow personally and professionally while also being actively involved in improving our communities by supporting local initiatives and organizing fundraisers that are important to our members.

Our goal is to be the premier centre for connecting young professionals with each other and their communities, empowering both their professional and personal growth and championing community outreach to show the world what millennial’s are really made of.

Thanks again for checking us out and we look forward to meeting anyone that’s up to the challenge!!

–Ben Strasser & Matt Mannen

For more information about who we are and what we do, contact us below or to find out more, click here.