MNG Ambassador Program Memberships:

The Millennial Network Group offers two levels of membership. Please check out the descriptions below to see where you think you’d fit into the MNG community.

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MNG Ambassador Social Members: $125.00

Looking to meet like-minded people? Want to improve socially and professionally?

MNG Social members believe in supporting local and are devoted to self-improvement. Members are constantly raising their local profile and improving themselves. As a Social member you are able to attend relevant workshops put on by business members and other industry leaders.

By becoming an MNG Social member you gain access to the MNG Vault which covers a wide range of personal and professional topics including goal setting/ achieving, tips to living a healthy lifestyle, investment strategies and how to tell when your roof needs to be redone. They also have the opportunity to select which community organization or charity is supported at each social. You are gaining access to a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to quickly clear the hurdles that come with opening or operating a business.

Features & Services

Marketing & Advertising:

Think Millennial on Rogers TV – Weekly 1 hr Show

Career Opportunities/ Job board

Speaking Opportunities

Network Opportunities:

Socials (1 a month)

Special Events

Education & Training

Workshops & Seminars put on by business members

MNG Vault content access


Business resource information

Public Relations:
MNG Social Awards

Discounts for Social Members:

Workshop and event discounts

Local shopping and dining discounts

Community Involvement:

Fundraising Committee

Participate in the charity/ organization of the month voting

MNG Ambassador Business Members: $285.00

Looking to grow your business? Want to be seen as an influencer in your community?

MNG Business members share many traits. One of these traits is that they are driven and focused to see their business succeed. Another is that they believe in passing on quality referrals built on solid relationships. However, the most important trait they have is that they are more than willing to share their invaluable business knowledge and experience.  

By becoming an MNG Business member you are not only gaining access to the website directory listing, local targeted marketing campaigns and the ability to create content for the MNG Vault. You’ll have the ability to create and share all of the knowledge and experience you have but also be able to learn from all of the content the other Business Members have shared.

Features & Services (Same as Social Member Benefits Plus)

Marketing & Advertising:

Think Millennial on Rogers TV – Weekly 1 hr Show

Website directory listing

First access to all local sponsorship opportunities

Monthly Newsletter Highlights

A part of targeted marketing campaigns

Network Opportunities:

Sponsor/ Host Socials

Discounted tickets for Special Events

Education & Training:

Opportunity to deliver a tailored workshop about your business/ product

MNG Vault Content Creation

Public Relations:
MNG Business Awards

Ambassador Membership Testimony:

I joined the Millennial Network Group when it was just a handful of people and after one event I knew I wanted to be a part of this.

The group is something you can engage with as much or as little as you want, but at any level there is unmistakable value. From developing new friendships and connections, to community involvement and uncovering new opportunities, the MNG has become an important part of my business and personal life.

We’re a group of people: people who work for ourselves, work for others, or are looking for work; people who want to make an impact in the community , or just want to make a new friend.

In the end we’re a group of great people helping and supporting each other and having an awesome time while doing so. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Millennial Network Group and I’m not surprised why it’s become so popular. If you’re thinking about coming out, do it! You want to get in on this.

Marc Schubert, Ryser Solutions

Brantford Chapter Business Ambassador Since 2016

To find out more about becoming an MNG Ambassador or to sign up now, contact us.

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