Photo of Kyle Aucoin
Kyle Aucoin Owner
Photo of Clinton Benn
Clinton Benn Owner
Photo of Brett Benson
Brett Benson Appliance Sales Manager
Photo of Caleb Blackwell
Caleb Blackwell Banker
Photo of Hayley Blackwell
Hayley Blackwell Photographer
Photo of Cecilia Bouchie
Cecilia Bouchie Marketing Manager
Photo of Cheryl Bradshaw
Cheryl Bradshaw Owner
Photo of Steve Bredschneider
Steve Bredschneider Owner
Photo of Cody Chambers
Cody Chambers Owner
Photo of Caine Chapman
Caine Chapman Financial Advisor
Photo of Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis Lawyer
Photo of Laura Duguid
Laura Duguid Web Designer

this is a bio about me

Photo of Lucas Duguid
Lucas Duguid Creative Director

This is a small bio about Lucas

Photo of Jason Freeze
Jason Freeze Owner
Photo of Jen Garrett
Jen Garrett Chapter Leader
Photo of Angela Hanlon
Angela Hanlon Naturopath
Photo of Jamie Hari
Jamie Hari CEO
Photo of Greg Horton
Greg Horton Owner
Photo of Ben Howard
Ben Howard VP of Community Relations
Photo of Tingting Hu
Tingting Hu Real Estate Sales Representative
Photo of Kevin Jarvis
Kevin Jarvis President- Kitchener-Waterloo
Photo of Neel Jethwa
Neel Jethwa
Photo of Matt Joniec
Matt Joniec VP of Media Development
Photo of Lewis Kent
Lewis Kent Financial Advisor
Photo of Matthew Lafantaisie
Matthew Lafantaisie
Photo of Jackie Leferink
Jackie Leferink Financial Advisor
Photo of Matt Mannen
Matt Mannen CFO
Photo of Bernie Martin
Bernie Martin VP of Social Media Development
Photo of Tiffany Martin
Tiffany Martin Owner
Photo of Chad McLetchie
Chad McLetchie Owner
Photo of Jordan McNie
Jordan McNie Owner
Photo of Cory Mercer
Cory Mercer Owner
Photo of Kirsten Mould
Kirsten Mould Owner
Photo of Shaun Mulrain
Shaun Mulrain Owner
Photo of Isaac Rosebrugh
Isaac Rosebrugh Owner
Photo of Markus Schneider
Markus Schneider Owner
Photo of Marc Schubert
Marc Schubert President
Photo of Andrew Schwalm
Andrew Schwalm Owner
Photo of Rachel Senko
Rachel Senko Owner
Photo of Jason Smale
Jason Smale Owner
Photo of Cheryl Stornelli
Cheryl Stornelli
Photo of Ben Strasser
Ben Strasser CEO
Photo of Jason Teakle
Jason Teakle Founder/ Creative Director
Photo of Alana Wakeman
Alana Wakeman
Photo of Joshua Wall
Joshua Wall
Photo of Alysha Williams
Alysha Williams Owner

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