What is MNG?

Millennial Network Group (MNG) is the premier centre for connecting young professionals with each other and their communities, empowering both their professional and personal growth and championing community outreach to show the world what millennial’s are really made of!

We are a referral membership organization of young professionals who are determined to embrace the stigma that Millennial’s are entitled, spoiled, and lazy. We take offence to that label and seek to redefine our reputation.We focus on helping each other grow personally and professionally while also being actively involved in improving our communities by supporting local initiatives and organizing fundraisers that are important to our members.

Your decision to become a member with MNG will not only facilitate the growth and impact you have in your community, but will also offer unique opportunities for you to step outside your comfort zone, meet other forward thinking professionals and crush your personal goals!

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Community of Forward Thinkers

Mix business with pleasure by expanding your personal/ business network and fostering meaningful relationships with Millennial Network Group!

MNG is loaded with diverse, forward thinking professionals that are actively looking to improve themselves and share their knowledge to help you find success in your career or business!

Our members fields of expertise vary greatly! They include the trades, HR, finance, flying drones for movies, wellness, real estate, farming, video production, mental health, design, bloggers, product developers and pyrotechnics!

Networking Done Differently

We provide a warm and positive environment that allows everyone to grow. We are strong believers that everyone that comes to our events are equals and everyone should be treated as such.

Whether you own your own business or you are a professional that’s looking for personal growth you will find something during each of our events that will help you reach your goals. We believe that everyone has something that they can offer to the group and we’ll make sure that everyone is comfortable enough to speak and be heard.

We also believe that networking should be an enjoyable and relaxed activity.

With Millennial Network Group around, the days of dreading your network events are gone.

Referrals for our members are integral for growth and success! We strongly encourage everyone to share who they know in the MNG community!

Social Events:
We hold monthly social events at businesses, pubs and breweries to allow our members to meet and connect after hours!

Development Workshops:
We hold monthly workshops that focus on either business, career or personal development. These seminars are presented by our members to educate on their industry, share their knowledge and showcase their skill-set.

Think Millennial on Rogers TV

Think Millennial Presented by Millennial Network Group is a program discussing important issues affecting all millennial’s. Matt Mannen and Ben Strasser (Founders of MNG) are joined weekly by a diverse group of guest panelists who will weigh in on a variety of subjects including politics, the economy, pop culture, work-life balance, careers and self-improvement. Think Millennial will also feature unique elements that highlight people in our community and the role that they play.

Do you have a story to share? Knowledge to offer? We thrive on giving our members the opportunity to share their story and expertise with all of our viewers!

Think Millennial has wrapped up their inaugural season and have now launched right into season two!

Head on over to ThinkMillennial.ca to listen to our amazing members and take in all of the value they have offered!

Catch us on LIVE on Facebook every Thursday at 3:30PM to 4:30PM!


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Membership Options

Social Ambassador:

Looking to meet like-minded people? Want to improve socially and professionally?

MNG Social members believe in supporting local and are devoted to self-improvement. Members are constantly raising their local profile and improving themselves. As a Social member you are able to attend relevant workshops put on by business members and other industry leaders.

By becoming an MNG Social member you gain access to the MNG Vault which covers a wide range of personal and professional topics including goal setting/ achieving, tips to living a healthy lifestyle, investment strategies and how to tell when your roof needs to be redone. They also have the opportunity to select which community organization or charity is supported at each social. You are gaining access to a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to quickly clear the hurdles that come with opening or operating a business and developing a career.

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Business Ambassador:

Looking to grow your business? Want to be seen as an influencer in your community?

MNG Business members share many traits. One of these traits is that they are driven and focused to see their business succeed. Another is that they believe in passing on quality referrals built on solid relationships. However, the most important trait they have is that they are more than willing to share their invaluable business knowledge and experience.

By becoming an MNG Business member you are not only gaining access to the website directory listing, local targeted marketing campaigns and the ability to create content for the MNG Vault. You’ll have the ability to create and share all of the knowledge and experience you have but also be able to learn from all of the content the other Business Members have shared.

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