Matt Mannen and Ben Strasser were sitting in Bell City Brewing Company about 13 months ago and decided that they were going to host their own “networking event”. Nothing special other than it was going to be in the brewery and during the evening.

Well, one year ago tonight they held a “networking event” with friends they both knew. (Luckily those friends also brought new people to the event. (Looking at you Brett Benson and Bernie Martin) The 7PM (Start time) rolled around and Kyle Aucoin was the only other person in the room. By 730 there were 14 others in the room. The entire night was planned and organized down to the minute. The itinerary was quickly thrown out the window after the brewery tour as everyone started to chat and introduce themselves to one another. Thus the MNG social as we now all know it was born!

Whether you were at the very first event in Brantford or you attended your first event last month. We are so thankful that you have joined us on this phenomenal journey that is MNG!
If you are watching from the sidelines we strongly encourage you to come out and get involved with us. The people are amazing, the environment is electric and the beverages are cold!

Check out some of the highlights from the last year!

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